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Sota Consulting Group believes in developing long lasting partnerships. With over 20 years experience in the IT and Management business you know you can have confidence with us. We specialise in Cloud, Projects, Development and Management. Keep reading to find out more.


Easy Switch

Whether you are already consuming an office 365 license or making your first foray in to the cloud, Sota Consulting Group can make the transition seamless and effortless with minimal to no business disruption.  We manage the process keeping with our business philosophy of keeping your business running, growing and secure.

The Sota Consulting Group manage this process end to end.


Simple Licensing

At Sota Consulting Group we manage and constantly review your licensing position to ensure you are obtaining maximum benefit.  We offer a Licensing Solution as a Service (LSaaS) offering which is disrupting the way that licensing is seen around the world.  You get the benefits and pricing that used to only be available to the big players, no matter the size of your business.  Licensing Solution as a Service is the smarter way to dynamically control your licensing.

Monthly Billing

With the shift towards subscription licensing from enterprise agreements and fixed term contracts due to the popularity of flexible working/Gig workforce and evergreen software and security, gone are the days of commitment licensing models. Sota Consulting’s flexible licensing structure will allow for a more agile approach and assist your business to realise financial benefit at pace along with more procurement control.

Cloud Consultancy

Sota Consulting Group have transitioned from simply supplying technical resources to a trusted advisor role working alongside our partners. This is achieved by integrating your business and technology needs into one single business model and strategy.
We have the depth and experience of helping many businesses to move into the cloud and run thier businesses in a more streamlined, efficient and collaborative basis with reduced costs.

Technical Support

Small to mid-market businesses which strive for growth and expansion realise technology enhances business productivity.

Of course, not every business can allocate funds to staff an entire IT department with enough depth and experience in all of the technologies a modern business requires.

We have IT professionals on call to service technical requests that require specialist technical experience.

Strategy and Planning

For most businesses, on site IT staff are chiefly managing tactical issues leaving little time for the maintenance, monitoring and planning let alone nurturing a strategic, effective IT strategy.

This is where our offering comes in to its own, a virtual CIO/CTO (Chief Information Officer/Chief Technical Officer) or Trusted Advisor is an exceptional alternative to re-staffing or expanding an internal IT department.

Sota Consulting Group

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Sota Consulting Group creative open minded IT Management firm operates in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Our Head Office is located in London, England. We’re open for projects nationally and internationally and will help your business succeed.

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